Started with a bead kit now we’re here.™

Marrin Costello is a tastemaker + trailblazer + experience-maker — and the powerhouse behind the MARRIN COSTELLO INC® brand. 

Her career as a creative began at age seven, after receiving a bead kit for Christmas.  Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Costello moved to Los Angeles to study Art History at UCLA. While in college, Costello's collection was featured on American Idol - and a business was created.  Only a decade later, a hobby has transformed into an international lifestyle accessories brand - and has since been featured in Vogue, Huffington Post, In Style, and US Weekly.   

Throughout her 20-something years of designing accessories, Costello realized that the gems she favored most were the people she met and collected on the journey.  A self-proclaimed ‘people collector’, Costello lives for genuine human connection and collaborations, and continues to add new members to her growing ‘family’ while traveling the globe.  In working alongside other companies for her jewelry brand — including Equinox, Bloomingdales, W Hotels, Nars, Jaguar, Campari, MasterCard, and Red Bull  — Costello fell in love with cross-collaborations, traveling and social media, and has also been recognized as a lifestyle influencer, style icon, and tastemaker.

What began as a bead kit Costello received as a child has now transformed into a global luxury lifestyle brand that creates exceptional products and dynamic in-person experiences.   


All things MARRIN COSTELLO INC® come with three promises:

1. INTENTION in purpose and design

2. EXCELLENCE in quality and service

3. COMMUNITY built through conversation pieces 


With the accessories collection at its core, MARRIN COSTELLO INC® has blossomed into a lifestyle brand that builds community, gives back, and encourages genuine human connection.

 # D O N T F O R G E T T O A C C E S S O R I Z E ®