Marrin Costello is so many things.  She's a visionary, business woman, and lifestyle entrepreneur — unafraid to venture beyond expectation.  Costello is fueled by world exploration, laughter, good whiskey, intense workouts for the body and soul — and is a sucker for anything sparkly and vintage.  While thoughtful and perceptive, she is also quick-witted, tactile, curious, savvy, and embodies a take-no-prisoners persona when she engages.  In a nutshell, Costello is a powerhouse.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Costello fell in love with making jewelry after receiving a bead kit for Christmas as a child.  Said gift quickly transformed from a hobby into a passion - and she has been designing accessories ever since.  Before the age of ten, Costello sold her jewels at local craft fairs and later brought one-of-a-kind pieces to boutiques and gift shops.  After moving to Los Angeles for college, the designer's work was sought after by a celebrity stylist working for American Idol, and her jewelry was credited on national television.  In that moment her eyes became open to a career as an entrepreneur — and the vision she had of her future changed completely. 

Costello is obsessed with her friends and family — and considers them to be one in the same.  She is keen on making each person with whom she comes into contact feel like the best version of themselves  both face-to-face and with the MARRIN COSTELLO brand.  Costello believes in the power of reciprocity, generosity, and compassion — and breathes these qualities into every aspect of her daily life. 



The MARRIN COSTELLO brand has received international press and recognition, and is often spotted on A-list celebrities walking the red carpet.  Along with designing seasonal and collaborative collections, Costello has had the pleasure of art directing the brand at large and producing all of the events that correspond to each collection debut.  As her personal style has evolved over the years, Costello has also been recognized as a tastemaker, influencer, and style icon.  But above all, she is most proud of the brand for encouraging interpersonal connectivity, creating community, and implementing thoughtfulness  both through the collection's conversation pieces and the company's involvement with mentorship, philanthropy, and organizations alike.



The MARRIN COSTELLO style house creates multifunctional products designed in Los Angeles, using ethically-sourced materials from around the globe.  Each piece is an extension of Costello's personal style  a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine, unafraid to mix audacious glamour with a hint of contemporary streetwear.

Every MARRIN COSTELLO product comes with three promises:

1. INTENTION in design + versatility

2. EXCELLENCE in quality + customer service

3. COMMUNITY built through conversation pieces

The MARRIN COSTELLO collection can be seen on your favorite blogs, tv flicks, publications, and celebrities — and is sold in boutique retailers nationwide.


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