After stepping into the entrepreneurial space over 20 years ago, my journey has taught me that not all training opportunities and crash courses are created equal. We live in the land of dream chasers and innovation makers — but in the pursuit of passion, reality can become an unfamiliar rationale. As someone who’s been through the trials and tribulations of building a consistent and profitable business from the ground up, I feel a sense of obligation to openness — which has lead me to one key pillar: grounded goals.

In this new chapter of my occupational journey, I am overjoyed and energized for the opportunity to overpromise and overdeliver in helping other companies develop, succeed, and thrive. 

I’m not here to sell you a dream but rather help you sell your dream. Together we’ll focus on tangibility, design, and community as we work to create a foundation for your business that is both strong and multi-faceted. 




"I would say that I really do believe that anybody at any stage of business would benefit from what I experienced with MC.

When I think back to when I first started my business, if I had had these connective conversations, they would have helped me exponentially - and I know that working with MC will be incredibly helpful in the future.

 That is a huge differentiator to who MC is and what she offers here at MC INC. All stages of business could benefit from her service — no matter their stage in business."


M/Body Founder

“I am a creative. I am not able to compartmentalize all of my thoughts, visions, etc — and before working with MC INC I could not see how the puzzle pieces fit together.

I came to Marrin with a jumbled list of things I wanted to accomplish with no clear direction on how to get there, and we developed systems and a detailed road map with weekly assignments to get to my end goal as soon as possible.

I now have a vision. I have clarity. I have a plan. I see my business as a whole and am reminded of the consistencies. I am no longer questioning myself.”


Fine + Mixed Media Artist

“Other consultants I have worked with were completely one sided (i.e. only focusing on social media). MC didn’t simply talk about confidence in our consultation — instead, we assessed what I am good at and built on my strengths within the business.

The level of depth and attention to detail was on another level. MC also listened to me, answered my questions, and followed up my questions with more questions. It was conversational, and she genuinely helped both me and my business through my lens, rather than forcing ideas onto me that didn’t resonate.”


Product + Lifestyle Photographer

“Although MC INC consulting is my first consulting experience, the in depth attention I was given and focus on my goals for my brand was impressive. Marrin was always accessible and anytime I had a question she responded quickly. She reviewed emails for me and offered revisions to those emails prior to me sending to clients.

I will continue to work with MC INC consulting. Marrin has built a successful business and is knowledgeable about branding and business. Her insight and guidance has been pivotal for my business and I will continue to seek her expertise as it grows.”


Stylist + Creative Director